About The Quinta

How The Quinta came about ...

Keeping connected!

The Quinta has the fastest internet connection it is possible to have in such a beautifully remote location, Elon Musk's Starlink, so it's perfectly suited for those who need to be connected either to family or work.

With download speeds of 200 + Mbs and uploads of 50 + Mbs, anyone can keep in touch and it's perfectly suited for today's Digital Nomads - in fact it's a real Digital Nomad Paradise!

Working at the Quinta

The Quinta has been a labour of love that has come about over the last thirty five years or so.
Primarily powered by the hard and unrelenting effort of its present owners, Daniela and Frank, it has also had contributions from many diverse nationalities as the oasis has been created.

Its primary goal was to become a small business in an area of isolated beauty which could provide employment for a local population and aid to arrest the "flight to the cities" that is the inevitable result in an area of low employment and poor soil.
In this it has been successful and nowadays boasts that it keeps five families in the area who would otherwise have bought their tickets out.

So it has always employed locally in its effort to keep the surrounding countryside alive, but it also hosts workers every year in our other effort to spread the word of sustainability.
By giving practical experience of the way we run our operation to those interested, our volunteers learn how a small business can be run in general as well as how one can be totally off-grid, from electricity production and water heating to waste disposal and water purification. There's always plenty to do, from looking after guests to looking after the dogs to looking after the garden, from cleaning rooms to cleaning filters, from shopping to socialising, birding to bed-changing; no day is ever the same and many of our past contributors have come through the EU's Earasmus Programme - and more than a few return several years running.
However, there are always new openings, so if you, or anyone you know, is interested in either learning how to run a Lodge such as ours or are interested in learning how to run a sustainable enterprise, and are willing to be a committed member of our team, we can teach you how we do it.
This is definitely NOT a few hours every day! It is more a "way of Life" so no clock watchers please …. our minimum volunteer positions are a month and we prefer two or three.
We like applicants to be motivated, have a positive attitude, sense of responsibility and sense of humour - and you must be able to work as part of a team or on your own.

If you’re not prepared for this please don’t waste your time by applying for a position here.

Also please note that we are fairly isolated - at least by European standards; if you need a disco on your doorstep this definitely isn’t the place for you, but volunteers have free wifi if they bring their own computer or tablet, and get full use of the Quinta's facilities on time off, including sauna, canoes, SUPs etc.