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mushroomsLocal Produce -
Wild Mushrooms, Honey, Cork & Alentejo Pigs

The Alentejo region is abundant in wildlife, flora and fauna but one thing that surprises many of our first time guests here at the Quinta is the marvellous local produce that we are privileged to enjoy.

With a low intensity population and no incentive to over-produce, there is very little pesticide or herbicide use in the locality and these benefits are passed on directly to the Quinta's guests in the abundance of local produce and the richness of that produce's taste.

In the winter there is plenty of "Wild Food" to be gathered in amongst the cork oaks and meadows - Chanterelles, Horn of Plenty, Wood Blewits, Parasols, Ceps, Field and Horse mushrooms are to be found on any local walk when the conditions are right.

fishermanDuring the Spring the long days and plentiful sunshine invariably produce a rich but liquid honey - the main nectar-run is from the local lavender and cistus.

In the Summer and Autumn the Quinta's gardens make their contribution with vegetables and fruit, all of it grown organically.

The Black Alentejo Pig is unique to this area of Southern Portugal. It's colour is reputed to be from the nuts available within the Montados. These pigs are reared in the open and feed on natural produce - grasses, acorns, cereals and pulses and small animals within the montados. This form of agriculture is called montanheira. Locally Presuntos or Paletas do Alentejo are gastronomic terms associated with these unique animals.

With all of this, the wonderfully tasty Wide-mouthed Bass from the lake on the Quinta's doorstep and the Alentejo's rich cheese and sausage-making tradition, the Quinta's kitchen has plenty of local ingredients with which to produce its mouth-watering food!